Customer Contacts Track and Trace Pad, For Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Schools


The Track and Trace Pad ensures that all customers details are recorded whilst on site, providing a clear, accurate tracking trail for establishments without a digital booking system.

Once the record is completed, a receipt can be removed from the pad for the customer informing them their data will only be kept for 21 days and not shared with anyone outside of a test and trace follow-up. At the same time as the receipt is completed, the information automatically copies through to the pad underneath and provides a master copy of all customers. Once the customer has indicated that they’re going to leave, the pub will need to ask for their receipt number, locate the relevant entry in the pad and enter the departure time. The pad includes an integrated discreet sheet which protects customer data privacy.

How To Use

  1. Lift the first Register and insert the Shield behind it.
  2. Write out the first Receipt by entering the details within the top white line ONLY.
  3. To remove a receipt, simply tear down the perforation.
  4. The next receipt can now be written out.
  5. When you have filled the first Register fold it to the left and insert the Shield behind the next one, then continue.



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